August 17, 2020

Birthing Without Fear


With ever changing sets of rules and boundaries to try to flatten the curve of this Corona virus pandemic, there is understandably much stress, anxiety and fear in the community. An absolute rollercoaster of emotions and different feelings for everyone. 


As a Mum and a Midwife, who is very passionate about both roles, I feel for the expecting Mums and their partners heading into labour and birth in these current times. Such a special and precious time may feel like it has been overshadowed by this unfortunate situation.


It doesn’t have to be that way. It’d be easy to drop our heads, but as my Mum always reminded me, “Your body has got a job to do and you just need to do it!” This is my mantra that I took into all my births and I’d love if you could too. 


Your focus needs to shift to what you CAN control and be present in ‘your’ moment together when you meet your baby for the very first time. 


Remember what you are there for, remember what your mind and body are capable of. 


Fear can effect labour and birth profoundly. Your mind is your biggest asset. Your mind does not control you, you control your mind.


The way you think about birth can have a huge impact on the way you birth on the day. You have to have belief. Belief in your ability, your baby's ability and the team supporting you. Your team may look a bit different these days while they provide that support, wearing masks and eye protection, but I promise you the way we care for you won’t change. 


When in a fearful state, we release stressor hormones, which makes us all tense physically and then pops in the good old ‘fight or flight’ response! This only increases fear further. The mind questioning, do I run or do I fight? Increased heart and respiratory rate, decreased oxygenation and increased pain due to redirection of blood flow to vital organs, tightening up all our muscles which we need to try and relax to birth our beautiful babies. 


Surround yourself with people who are confident in your abilities. Surround yourself with positive vibes and positive birth stories. No matter what birth looks like for you, no matter what twists and turns your labour journey may take, find your confidence and your strength – you can do this.

Seek out a nice meditation track that resonates with you and listen to that as often as you can. Listen to the words and believe the words. Look forward to your birth, enjoy those precious belly kicks and checking in with your baby. 


Remember what you are there for, remember what your mind and body are capable of. 

Midwives and Doctors may look a little different at the moment but are we are there for you and we’ll always be in your corner. You have so many instinctive abilities to birth and care for your baby and pandemic or not, these instincts will remain. Tap into them and we’ll be there riding with you


Breathe ... trust the process. Mama you’ve got this.


Lisa x 

Lisa Simpson
Calm Birthing Expert

Mama You've Got This

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