2-hour Masterclass for expecting parents

Pregnancy and Nutrition, Birth, Bringing Baby Home

There are many things about pregnancy and birth that we can’t control – but we can prepare.  Our Pregnancy class will empower you and your partner as you go through the biggest change in your life and will ready you for birth of your baby and beyond.

Our Expert Obstetrician, Expert Midwife, Expert Dietitian and Mama Experts will give you real insight into the later stages of pregnancy, birth and early days at home. Topics covered include how to deal with pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy nutrition, different birth options including pain relief, how to ready your home for baby (including tips for your nursery, hospital bag and nappy bag) and what to expect when you bring your baby home.



2.5-hour Masterclass to equip you for the early days of motherhood

Sleep, Feeding, Mama Recovery, Settling, Bathing

Coming home from hospital with a new baby is a daunting time and we’re here to support you from the start. Feeding can be tough. It hurts. And the sleep - what is that? A few hours together can be a good night. Designed to help you through the fog, Melbourne's best Experts will give you the essential information and practical demonstrations to make the early days easier.


Our three Experts - Sleep, Lactation and Women's Physio present on their specialised topics followed by Q&A and demonstrations. You will learn sleep strategies, lactation and feeding basics, how to recover from birth and return to exercise safely, how to settle and bath your baby and you will be provided with insights into how to navigate life as a new Mama.


This course is designed for pregnant Mamas and Mamas of newborns. 

Class runs for 2.5 hours, light refreshment provided. Babies most welcome.



2-hour Masterclass for Mamas and babies 3-8 months

Starting Solids, Sleep and Mama Wellbeing

Just as you’ve found your groove, it’s time for your baby to enter a new phase (this too shall pass!) and Mama, you might be thinking about what the next chapter of your life will look like. 


This Masterclass runs with three Expert presentations from our Sleep, Mama Psychologist and our Dietitian Experts. The class features demonstrations and a Q&A. You will learn how to introduce solids, strategies to help your baby sleep through the night and tips on how to manage the challenges of motherhood. 


Class runs for 2 hours, light refreshment provided. Babies most welcome.



2-hour Masterclass for parents

Tantrums, Nutrition, Toilet Training and Introducing a New Sibling

Your baby is now a little person, running, talking and keen to voice their opinions. With this stage come new challenges and milestones. In this parenting workshop you will hear from three Experts - Dietitian, Behaviour and Toilet Training. You will learn how to emotion coach your toddler to cut tantrums off before they happen, and how to recognise and support your toddler when they just need to have a meltdown. Our Expert Dietitian will give you top tips and tricks on how to make sure veggies end up in their mouth (less on the floor!) and you’ll learn toilet training basics and tips on how to ready the family for the arrival of a new sibling.


Meet other parents with little people just like yours – but please introduce your little ones after the class. This session is for Mamas and Dadas only.