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The Mama You’ve Got This Masterclass series connects mums of little ones of the same age, in an inclusive, warm, friendly setting. Lead by Baby and Mama Experts (all local leaders in their field), you will be guided through each stage of your child’s development providing you with the essential information you need to raise your baby; including expert information on Lactation, Settling, Sleep, Baby First Aid, Nutrition, Mama Physio, Mama Mindfulness, Baby Sensory, and much more. Tailored to specific stages (newborn, infant and new sibling series), Masterclass packages include 6 expert speakers and are held over three mornings. Sessions are held in Albert Park, Middle Park and South Melbourne community spaces. Babies welcome, morning tea provided.


Newborn (0-3 months)

Coming home from hospital with a new baby is a daunting time and we’re here to support you from the start. Feeding can be tough. It hurts. And the sleep - what is that? A few hours together can be a good night. Designed to help you through the fog, this nurturing Masterclass series will connect you with a lactation consultant, sleep and settling expert, mama body recovery expert, General Practitioner, nutritionist and experienced Mamas who can advise on routines and what worked/didn’t work for them in the first few months.


Infant (3 months -1 year)

Just as you’ve found your groove, it’s time for your baby to enter a new phase (this too shall pass!). The challenges are ongoing as your baby achieves milestone after milestone in the first year, always at their own pace. This Masterclass series is tailored to Mamas and babies who are thinking about introducing solids, dealing with sleep regressions, chasing mobile babies and thinking about returning to work. This series will connect you with Village Experts on first foods, sleep, first aid and physical development (for baby) and mindfulness and return to work experts for mama. New Sibling You’ve mastered life with one – or two – or three – and there is another on the way! This course is an opportunity for Mamas to connect with others who are having subsequent babies at the same time, and to ease the transition for both mama and child(ren). Freya and Christy run sessions on preparing for a new baby, welcoming a new sibling and toddler behaviour while Village Experts discuss toddler nutrition, safety, milestones and speech.