Parenting is tough. It’s a full time job that we can’t study for. The stakes are high. There are no holidays or weekends or sick days. It is relentless and beautiful and Mamas Christy Hopwood and Freya Owen want to help you navigate the first year of motherhood and beyond. 

Freya and Christy met through a local kindergarten and connected over a passion to help other Mamas and cuddle babies. The traditional support systems of 'The Village' didn't seem to exist anymore and expert information was hard to find.

There are courses for every job in life except the most important role of all. So they created a Masterclass program to empower women as they go through the biggest change in their lives and to give them a hand in the early years of motherhood.


Every baby is different. With seven children between them, Christy and Freya have consulted countless experts and are confident they have picked the best in the business to ensure Mama You've Got This. 

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