Mama You've Got This is the home of the Experts. We connect Mamas with Experts and each other. We empower parents on their journey with Expert knowledge and support.

Mama You've Got This is a Modern village offering an online program designed by Christy and Freya, two Melbourne Mamas, who have 7 children between them. They have sought out the very best baby and Mama health and wellness Experts and designed a program relevant to each age and stage of your baby's development which will give you all the knowledge you need to be the best Mama you can be. 

The program – both pre and post birth – is designed to support, guide and empower you on your journey from pregnancy right through to Toddlerhood. While this originally took the form of small group physical classes taught by the Experts, it is currently offered as virtual Masterclasses (Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth, Baby Basics, Infant Essentials and Toddler) and as an antenatal and postnatal online course, called Experts on Demand, by Australia's leading health and wellness Experts. 


In addition to the Masterclasses and Experts on Demand, Mama You've Got This hosts LIVE Mama Meet-ups on Instagram Live with Expert guests, virtual Mamas Groups connecting you with other Mamas at the same age and stage as your child, Downloadable Expert Guides, Expert Articles and Top Tips.


This multidisciplinary program, written by the very best Experts, is the first of its kind and gives Mamas a supportive network to draw on. From life with no kids, to one, to two, to many! Mama You’ve Got This.



Be empowered by Expert advice and Meet a fellow Mama to go on the journey with.


Our Expert-led masterclasses give you the essential information you need for every age and each stage of your baby’s development. We have sought out the very best heath and wellness Experts to deliver a specialised Masterclass program: Pregnancy, Baby Basics, Infant Essentials and Toddler. 


Our Masterclass are delivered in a relaxed environment with demonstrations and lots of time for Q&A. In our small-group classes, Mamas are encouraged to come along with their baby and all attendees take home a free goody bag. 


While our small-group classes are on hold, our amazing Experts will present their Masterclasses online. Join our Masterclasses live from the comfort of your own home and be empowered by the best expert knowledge that you need for each stage of your baby’s development, all in the one place. 

Antenatal & postnatal Expert video series 
leading medical & health Experts



Experts on Demand is our brand new Expert video series, which will prepare you for pregnancy, birth, and the first two years of your baby’s life.


What you need to know by the Experts in the know - all housed in the one place.

Now you can access Expert advice anytime, anywhere, whenever you need. Experts on Demand allows you to stream the very best Expert advice on all subjects in the pregnancy, birth, newborn, infant and toddler stages.

There has never been a Expert video series on the parenting journey until now. Our series of Expert videos are multidisciplinary and cover every subject you need for every age and stage of your baby's development. With 7 children between us we understand exactly what it means to be a parent and what information you need. We have worked with 12 of Australia’s best Health and Wellness Experts to give you the best tips and tricks to ensure you are set up for success. 


Mama You’ve Got This is the home of the Experts and we are here to guide and empower you on your journey with the very best Expert Knowledge and support.


We are overjoyed to be able to provide you with Expert advice anytime you choose to view from the very best in the business.



Meet another Mama for the journey at our Masterclasses or join one of our Virtual Mamas Groups and be connected with other Mamas at the same stage as you.


Our Virtual Mamas Groups are open to Mamas from early pregnancy onwards so you can support each other right from the beginning of your motherhood journey. Sign up below or on our Contact Us page. All Mamas Groups are run through Zoom and facilitated by Mama You've Got This Co-Founders .



Join us on Instagram Live every Tuesday at 8PM to chat to other Mamas just like you. We can discuss how we are going and talk about the challenges of Motherhood. We will have special appearances by our Experts to talk on their specialist topics and give you the opportunity to ask live questions.




We have pulled together all the essential information you need for each age and stage of your baby's development. Together with our Experts we have written five easy to read Expert Guides: Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth, Newborn, Infant and Toddler.


All the information and expert advice you need all in the one place.

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